Assessment Philosophy a Principles

The philosophy of our school is to develop an assessment process that enhances student learning. The process is to include the monitoring and evaluation of student progress toward meeting course and IB Diploma Programme standards. We monitor and evaluate student progress toward meeting the school’s established school-wide learning outcomes. We provide feedback to students, parents, and other stakeholders. We gather evidence to support teacher reflection on their instructional practices. Through this process, we inform curriculum review and evaluate the suitability of courses. This philosophy includes constant reflection to aid in the development of both short and long-term achievement goals for IB at Bartow High School. 

  • Assessment is the method utilized to determine the knowledge of our students. 
    • Individual assessments range from informal conversations with students in classrooms to periodic written quizzes, tests, and essays to the IB exams in May each year. 
    • Some of these assessments are considered summative assessments and are designed to give a final mark indicating achievement in a course. 
    • Other assessments may be used in a formative manner by teachers within our IB Programme. 
    • We adjust our instruction from minute to minute, day to day, month to month, and year to year based on the information quality assessments provide. 
  • We believe all students can learn and will achieve in every subject they study. 
    • Assessments assist educators in determining student progress in such endeavors.
    • Varying those assessments ensures every student has multiple opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities and achievements. 
    • Timely feedback is essential to ensure that every student has the opportunity to reflect and make adjustments to their knowledge before misconceptions are cemented.