Academic integrity is highly valued at IB at Bartow High School. All students receive instruction in a culture that strongly promotes the value of academic integrity. Students are committed to creating and developing coursework that is their own intellectual property. They learn to use only authorized aid and assistance, including artificial intelligence (AI) tools, and to appropriately reference primary and secondary sources following MLA or APA writing styles determined by the course. Our school’s culture prohibits any act of academic malpractice. 

As young adults preparing for university studies or entry into the workforce, Diploma Programme students both enjoy the freedom and bear the responsibility of studying in a course that emphasizes independence and self-reliance. The IB staff recognizes that the 21st century learner always has an abundance of information at their fingertips. This unprecedented access makes it imperative that systems are in place to teach young learners the importance of academic ethics. The purpose of the written academic integrity policy is to describe academic integrity as it relates to the Bartow High School community to define breaches of academic integrity and to outline the school’s response should a breach occur.